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FAQ - VIN Vehicle Identification Number Locations

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Sent: 1/28/2007

Ok, this question has been asked a million and nineteen times in different discussions, but the Message Search reveals no title that would reflect this FAQ!  So...
Across the spectrum of years, generally, where would I find the VIN ID plates for the chassis and for the coach?

Sent: 1/29/2007

On both of my 72 D22's the Dodge VIN metal plate is screwed to the side of the kitchen cabinet, close to the left side of the entry door, at carpet level. Its easy to see from the outside with the entry door open. The Winnebago VIN is located on a white plastic plate attached to the leatherette of the wall, close to the left knee of the seated driver.

A VIN # is supposedly stamped into the outside of the curbside frame rail, very near the front spring shackle mount and the radiator mount - but both of mine are rusty enough that I cant see any trace of that.

Sent: 1/29/2007

My '72 had wall problems by the drivers window and was missing the Winnebago sticker. The title had only the body number and not the chassis number... I wondered if that would cause problems when I sold it, so I called up Winnebago and they printed up a new one from the chassis number. (Free) Smiles all around!

Sent: 1/29/2007

Some of you may have trouble finding your VIN (vehicle identification number). I can't tell you every location on the motor home, however, all Dodges stamped the serial number on the chassis! It is located on the frame facing the outside, above the right front leaf spring. You can find it inside your wheel well. It might require some scraping or a wire brush. The picture below doesn't do it justice, but you can make out a string of numbers and letters.

Sent: 2/4/2007

Can someone with a mid 60's to early 70's winnie verify for me that the dodge chassis vin is?(right front frame rail, forward of the shock)

Maybe an approximate dimension to the front bumper? I've been looking and wire brushing but to no avail. I have no Dodge Fargo chassis tag, just the winnie id plate.



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