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Started by Oz, March 01, 2009, 02:09 PM

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You can change your Forum Profile Information to update the information.

The Account Related Settings in your profile cover things like our display name, e-mail address, place of residence, etc. 

Note:  Do not delete the information which is required for membership:  your first & last name, and city/State of residence.  Deletion of this information will result in permanent cancellation of membership.

The Member Profile Settings in your profile are your RV related items.  Year, make, model, etc.  If you get a different RV, you can change these.  If you have "unsure" as some of your answers and find out later what they are, simply put that info in.  This info is displayed whenever you post and is a huge benefit when asking questions because readers will know what you rig is!
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This typically involves editing details such as a user's name, profile picture, bio, contact information, or privacy settings. It's a common practice for users to adjust their profiles to reflect changes in personal information or preferences.