Easy Ways To Resize Your Photos For The New Album

Started by ClydesdaleKevin, February 02, 2009, 08:40 AM

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I decided to start a new thread for this, so it wouldn't get buried in a different post.

Here is the info already given in another topic:

"Okay...this one is REALLY easy!  It resizes it online for you.  You just click browse, click resize, and a window pops up with 3 options:  25% smaller, 50% smaller, or 75% smaller...so click one of them(there is a custom option too, so you can type in exact picture size or a different percentage), and then click "save to your computer".  Done in 4 clicks!  And its a fast website too:


I went through a bunch of other ones that were free, including Google Picasa, but it is a lot more complicated and you actually have to download the software.  You can resize with your own camera software like Kodak Easyshare as easily as any of these other programs, and it isn't all that easy...you have to edit each pic individually and click a bunch of things to resize it.  The website I just gave you makes it easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!"


"Alrighty then!!!  I found an even EASIER and FASTER way to transfer your photos from the old MSN site to the new one, already resized, assuming that your album is still on the old MSN site!

The photo gallery here has an option for uploading URL pics!  I tried it and it works fast and easy!

Open the photo gallery here and click "upload file."  Then, open a new window (without closing the "upload file" album ) and bring up your old album on your screen and view your pics regular size.  Right click the picture, click properties, and then copy the URL addy for the picture.  Now paste it to the "upload file" page in one of the boxes that says "URL upload"...fill up all 4, and then click "continue." 

It is even faster than resizing them since you can go directly from one album to this new album, 4 at a time!

And it appears that it actually UPLOADS the old picture to the new website, and doesn't just link it to the new one, which would be useless soon when MSN closes down the group."

If any of you have easier and faster ways of resizing your pics for the new albums here, please post them to this thread! 

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If you get and use "irfanview" photo editor, free on cnet, filehippo or other freeware sites, under the "edit" dropdown menu, there's a re-size option (and a bunch of other cool stuff too).  It's very simple to use.   That's why I used it for years now..
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hi all

well i use a nice little program called fotosizer it works very well for me when i have to place icon size pics of movies and bigger in certain programs and groups that i upload to •Choose to resize by percentage of width and height
•Choose to set custom width and height
•Maintain aspect ratio
•Choose where the resized images will be saved
•Change image quality
•Parameterised output filenames: Choose the format of the output filenames using parameters such as new image width/height, current date, number of image in the list being resized.
•"Auto-save" of settings on exit
•Resize portrait and landscape photos at the same time.
•Resize quickly and easily using a preset list of sizes including iPod, iPhone, and Sony PSP screen sizes.
•Change Print DPI settings

Increasingly, sharing photos on the internet is becoming more and more popular. Photos, represented as JPEG files from digital cameras, taken at high resolutions are far too large to send over the Internet, with some photos ending up at 5 mega bytes. Uploading one photo to a photo sharing website is fine, but 10, 20, or even more, this can take forever, especially on a dial-up connection.

With Fotosizer, you can shrink JPEG image files, along with other supported formats, and dramatically reduce internet transfer times, enabling you to quickly and easily prepare your image collections to be published on the web.

Help unlock the photos from your digital camera. Use Fotosizer to batch resize your photos making it easier and faster to email to friends, upload to photo sharing websites or upload to websites that offer photo printing services.

Fotosizer lets you resize in 3 easy steps, allowing you to choose the photos you want to resize, the dimensions, and where you want to save the new photos.
and the best part its free just thought i would add to the mix
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To resize photos for a new album, you can use various methods:

Use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or online tools like Pixlr or Canva.
Use smartphone apps like Snapseed or Resize Image.
Utilize built-in resizing options in image viewers or operating systems like Windows Photos or macOS Preview.
Batch resize using specialized software like IrfanView or FastStone Image Viewer.


Yeah, it's really easy and convenient with phones these days.  For batch resizing, I've used IrfanView for years. It's like me... simple.
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Paint.net is a good resizer..
I take the picture on my phone..cable it to my PC and Paint.net will resize it to what ever you are wanting..
Here is a picture of a screenshot that was resized

https://www.getpaint.net/    this is the link
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I told it before. I just use paint.

Open the photo by right-clicking it, choose paint, choose resize in picture and save as JPg

For Iphone X-images i need to resize to 20% for the new site to accept it.

This is of course for one picture and not badges, but paint is free available on your PC and you don't have to download anything.