Tool/Socket for Front Hub Spindle "Covers"

Started by 70Chieftain, January 14, 2024, 08:59 PM

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Hi Folks,
    I have a 1970 D22C, and I'm trying to remove the front brake drums, therefore the hubs as well.
I had measured size of the hub nut cover at about 2-1/4", but hadn't noticed until yesterday that it's 8-point... so a normal 2-14" socket won't work.
I'm assuming that these screw on and off, right?
If that's correct, can anyone tell me where I can get an 8-point socket (of the proper size) for this?
Also, does anyone know what size the actual hub/bearing nut underneath this cover is?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Although not the best solution, I always use large channel lock pliers on both the dust cover and the spindle nut.
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I have disc brakes on my 73 D22 but I have that 8 sided cap as well..As Elandan2 said, I too used a good pair of channel lock and it screwed right off..

I tried to pull it off first, thinking it was a pop on type of cap..was surprised it was a screw on cap..

The nut on mine is 1.5 across the flats..
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