New member with 89 pace arrow

Started by 1Fineapple, February 17, 2024, 12:10 AM

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Hi all!  I just bought an 89 pace arrow at auction that I know almost nothing about.  Ran out of gas on way home from auction but got roadside out to help me get it started.  Told me to make sure to start it everyday so I did until one day (4 days later) it didn't Stat.  Says there is little under a 1/4 tank but maybe not?  Anyhow, I then forgot to turn battery off and now I also need to jump start I think.  How do I do that?


Do you have a battery charger??. It is a better way to get your battery back up to full charge..Battery jumping from 1 vehicle to another is hard on both vehicles..

I have one from Harbor Freight rated at 15 amps..In about a day, it will charge up a dead battery.
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