Started by johnfrederick, November 26, 2023, 10:29 AM

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Good morning ! Pictured is the fuel sending unit from my 1984 P-30 Chieftain. My gas gauge doesn't work so I am hoping to find a new sending unit to install as the first step in possibly solving the gauge problem.

There appears to be many options for a 4 outlet unit but I can't find one with a generator line going deep enough into the tank.

If I can't find the correct replacement unit I might extend the generator outlet into the tanks with rubber gas line ???

Thanks for getting back with thoughts / suggestions.




Quote from: johnfrederick on November 26, 2023, 10:29 AMI might extend the generator outlet into the tanks with rubber gas line

If you use a length of rubber hose to reach near the bottom of the tank, it might curl up..The rubber hose that was on a reel, has a tendency to curl on it self..Find a length of steel tubing and then use a small piece of rubber hose with clamps to attach it to the sender unit..The weight of the steel tube will keep it straight down into the fuel and will not curl..

When I was working on my tank, I noticed the steel lines where held at the bottom with a bracket..It held the line and kept it steady into the fuel so that it would not sway back and forth with the fuel.
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Generator pickup lines are intentionally cut short (1/4 tank level) to ensure you do not run the tank dry so you have enough gas to return back to civilization.


I installed a new one this year and it was a whole ordeal to find the right parts. You will need some adapaters based on what I see in your picture (appears not OEM) - female M16x1.5 and M14x1.5 to male NPT, AN, or barb fitting depending on what you want to do. Works perfectly in 1986 chieftain w/60 gallon tank:


*Should* also work with 80 gallon tanks as they are the same depth, but I can't confirm that - just going from memory I'm pretty sure the part numbers are the same, based on old diagrams I found during my quest.

Agree with @DaveVA78Chieftain the pickup line (which doubles as the fuel return line) should not go all the way to bottom of the tank.