P30 P32 Drivability Handling Upgrades Information Collection

Started by eXodus, November 20, 2023, 06:33 AM

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There are ton of upgrades and adjustments we can do to make the P30 handle better. This threat is meant to collect all those and rank them in a order of effectiveness or cost?

RankDescription of the upgradeEffectivenessCost
1.Grease front endnot much$
2.Tighten Steeringboxlow-mediumfree
3.Weight coach for front Airbag adjustmentmedium$
5.Swaybar bushingsmedium$$
6.Shock absorbersmedium-large$$
7.Super Steer Driver Bellcranklarge$$$
7.Super Steer passenger Bellcranklow$$$
8.SumoSprings Rearhigh$$
9.Airbags Rearmedium$$$
10.Trackbar Rearhigh$$$

Let me know what you think and throw in all the Drivability tips you have for the P30 P32s and how we can rank them for newcomers. This is my initial shot at this - I'm happy to change columns cost - effectiveness etc.