Please help me with my wiring...?

Started by Joeyolo, September 17, 2023, 01:01 PM

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I got a 1985 Winnebago chieftain 27 ft RV  all of the wiring came loose on the back of the ONAN EMERALD 1 GenSet 4-OBGE-1R/26101C Remote Control 300-0985. It also comes with the Total Hours Quartz engine clock... I got a Red, BLUE, Green and an Orange wire that comes out from the main Generator that goes to the Remote switch and the Engine Clock.    How do I attach the wires to both items to get them to work Flawless....  please help me

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Your best bet is to email Winnebago and ask for a copy of the wiring diagrams for your model. They have them on file and can send you a pdf copy via email.
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Here is a long list..I need to find my manuals for my generator..
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ONAN EMERALD 1 GenSet 4.O BGE-1R/26101C = Onan 4.0KW BGE Spec C

The manuals are in the Members Area (link above) -> Manuals, Diagrams & Tech Info -> Scroll down to Generators-Onan -> then scroll down to BGE

On BGE Spec A-E; BGEL Spec B-D row:
Operators Manual: 965-0130
Parts Manual: 965-0232
Engine Service Manual: 965-0530
Installation Manual: 0965-0630

As far as wiring connections to the generator to from the RV, they are in the Installation Manual. Use the 60Hz drawing page (page 21), not the 50Hz.
Based on the Parts manual (page 42), the 300-985 remote switch is the standard not the Deluxe version.