Any full timers in a 21ft Brave?

Started by RoamingRobert, August 19, 2023, 05:05 PM

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I live in an RV park out in the boonies of southern AZ where we have storage of 30/month and pretty large lots....  I have recently got the 1976 Brave running normally and I've decided to soon STORE my 1998 Newmar 5th Wheel out in the back where that beautiful Brave is sitting and Bring the Brave over here and start downsizing....  I have the luxury here at the park of having an 11x11 workshop (also another $30/month expense but it gives me options right now) .....  Have anyone in the group downsized to a 21ft Brave? .... seems doable ..... I did something like this back in 2010 when I got injured and ended up in a nursing home for nearly 2 whole years.... I eventually got rid of two whole storage units 20x40 (large!!!) ..... funny how we own so much "stuff" and never really 'need' it.   So glad this group I up and running again.... it was offline for a while......  just a big bummer.... I just discovered you are back and running ..... excellent.  Anyhow.... any full timers in a21ft Winnie?  Im thinking about adding a cargo box to the back....


I don't full-time my '72 D20 but I'll be living in it for 3 weeks starting September 15th!

Are you going with a hitch mounted cargo box or actually attaching something to the back wall? Does your 21' have a receiver hitch?

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21'footer is the perfect size to full time in. It fits anywhere.You can parallel park it anywhere. Putting a storage box on the back is an excellent idea. There use to be a spot on here showing you the different ways of installing one.