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Started by The_Handier_Man1, November 27, 2008, 11:03 AM

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Original Discussion posted by:  TexasRattleSnake
(Original Message) Sent: 1/28/2005 6:27 PM

Hi all,

Glad I found your group.

Need some help from any of you guru's.

My brother purchased a 1972 Winnebago D22 recently and we began working on it.

We noticed that the tires were "dry-rot" and decided to get new ones.  Well there's the problem, can't seem to find any tire in that size.  They are 7.5 x 17 and other than changing rim sizes (which is also a major stumbling block) we could use some help on where to purchase tires in that size.

Again, thanks.

From: rshaw500
Sent: 1/28/2005 6:33 PM

That is a common size tire.   You should have no problem finding tires from a truck tire shop.  Yokohama tires are available in that size.   I know because I had that size on my 79 Brave.   I thought that size tire was great.

From: TexasRattleSnake
Sent: 1/28/2005 6:39 PM

Many thanks for your reply.

From: denison
Sent: 1/28/2005 6:46 PM

When you find a tire place that handles commercial light trucks and delivery vehicles, you can expect the tires to cost between $100 to $150 each. You will also need inner tubes - which cost me $30 each when I got some last summer, and perhaps new boot-liners. I reused my old boot liners though. I had load range D - the 8 ply kind, which worked fine. I also had a pair of load range E - which also worked fine.
I like the Tornel brand, but the last time I asked if they could get me a pair (I always buy them in pairs), they had tires with a name like GKS. Probably Chinese made.
It may take the place a few days or a couple of weeks to get the tires, since almost no retailer stocks them.
My winny also has that size, and I like them. I even mount and demount my own tires, with hand tools! 

From: denison
Sent: 1/28/2005 8:00 PM

Be sure to tell the tire place you need 7.50 by 17 Light Truck tires. They might even say 7.50 x 17LT on the tire sidewall.
There were also radial tires in the 7.50 by 17 Light Truck size, made by Michelin. I have two used ones, and they are narrower at the tread face than my bias-ply 7.50 17s. With the split rim wheels you must have inner tubes, and with radials you must use inner tubes that were made for use in radial tires. The boot liners are the same I believe.
There were passenger car tires labelled 7.25 by 17 inch, but which were load range B or C, for larger passenger cars just before WW-II. Not suitable for a 5 ton vehicle.

From: SeaRaySRV16O
Sent: 2/5/2005 11:41 PM

Hi TX Snake,

Last summer I was hard pressed to locate tires in the 7.50 x 17 tire size for my '72 Winne with 5 bolt split rims. Finally did a search on the existing old MH tires(Power King) that had '91 DOT date stamps & found that Power King is manufactured by TBC Corp. I found a dealer here in West Michigan & they ordered & installed 4 new tires. Have 3 more to get done this spring when the snow is gone.

Here's the mfg webpage & page for Power King. They will also run your ZIP and locate a dealer in your area. Good luck.

From: ThayerWY1
Sent: 3/20/2005 6:02 PM

If you are interested in a set of new Michelin 7.5 R 17 X , Load range "D" my dealer has a set of seven on hand due to a screw-up on my order. They are at Plains Tire in Sheridan, WY. Call (307)672-3428 and ask for Jarid. I run them on the five stud Budd split rims on my '71 Travco 270, which has the same Dodge chasis as many of the old Winnebagos. They are a little pricy, but they're a great tire. I think they ride better and last longer than cheaper bias ply tires.

From: ThayerWY1  (Original Message)
Sent: 3/20/2005 7:03 PM

New Michelin 7.5 R 17 X, Load Range D. Tires. Yes, Michelin still makes them, even though they don't list them in their dealer catalogs. Each U.S. Regional Distribution Center supposidly stocks six, but the demand is so low, they don't reorder until they are out of stock. They produce them in short runs at a plant in Germany. Last spring I replaced my front tires and in early November I ordered four for the rear. Our distribution center (Reno) was out and ordered them from Europe. We called twice to check on the order. Appearently, each time we called, someome resubmitted the order. Last week my dealer got twelve (12) new tires fresh off the production line. I ended up taking five. If anyone wants the others, they are at Plains Tire in Sheridan WY. Call Jarid at (307)672-3428. Michelin makes great tires. They ride, handle and wear great. All the experts say if your tires are seven years old they need to be replaced for safty's sake. As an old pilot I can tell you that the cost is nothing compared to the potential grief. I run them on 17" Budd slit rims. I've read people who spent the money to switch to 19.5s and they thought the 17's rode and handled better. 


I just bought a 72 Brave and am looking for new tires. Apparently the in 2022 they don't make these size tires anymore and the dates on the tires that are on there are from 2002.

My understanding is that they only make trailer tires that size and don't have any steel in them. My mechanic is squirrelly about whatever the conversion tires are supposed to be.

I'm a newbie, so go easy. I know I don't fully understand what I'm talking about, but I can't seem to get any help on it from Big O tires (in CA).

Is this thing on?  Bueller? 


Are you sure of the tire size? I have a D22 Indian 8.5R 17.5 tire with 8 lug rims..

I am looking to replace my tires too..

The best mechanic is the one that can make it run with the least amount of parts!