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Started by Zincou, January 15, 2023, 04:30 AM

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Hello the Classic Winnebago & Vintage RVs team,

Let me introduce myself Stéphane, I live in France and I am the proud owner of a 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie since December 2022 ...... I have already a 1995 Chevrolet suburban since 2017.
Have a good fun with your RV's .. ;)

For the moment I'm out of power brake booster and the big US shops like rockauto, summit, jeggs don't have it in stock....

I am also looking for the solution to change my original rims from 16.5 to 16.



Hello and welcome to the forum, my fellow Minnie Winnie Owner.

You seem to have exactly the same as mine, maybe another floor plan?

It's a real shame the pictures are not (yet) working, but i'll guess you'll find a lot of information in all the troubles i've found in mine so don't hesitate to call out for help if you find things not working like you think they should.

For your powerbooster, a guy on ebay kleinanzeigen (Germany) has a Dodge Class A that he is ripping apart and selling of the parts. Maybe your in luck.

As for changing the rims to 16's, I think you will find it a lot easier (and a lot less costly although still very expensive) to buy 16.5 tires than find rims here in Europe unless you have some very good contacts in the USA and planning to visit the USA yourself by sailboat and for example stroll junkyards. Believe me I've considered it and as far I know this really is the only way to save yourself big bucks! Any other way you just need to have a wallet that is literally bursting with money because of the sheer costs of traveling or transporting nowadays and it wont be changing any time soon. i've spend hundreds of hours on this the last 1 1/2 year already finding zero on my request every single time. A year ago a guy in Germany put a set of 6 used Dodge rims and good as new tires up for €1.600,= i thought he was crazy at the time, now i'm clubbing myself on the head not taking the deal, as I now need to pay the same amount for the tires alone.

16 inch rims themselves are not the problem, but the rims on your RV are in inches and in Europe we use Metric. it is never going to fit! Next to that  your rims are Chrysler/Dodge specific due the center hole of the rim and the fact that there is a pin thats on every keeper. There is plenty of info about this on the Dodge part of this forum.

As I'm guessing you are (like me) not going to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers with it the coming years, but just want to enjoy quality family time with it traveling from here to there i'm buying the 16.5s as i have two spare rims as well. Another reason is the fact that i've seen hundreds of revival and repair video's on Rv's. Dozen's of them still had the original tires on them (yes from the seventies or eighties and they all had the dame in common, it were not because they were worn out but because they were dry rotted.

Have fun fixing up your RV


Hello Mlw,

thank you for your quick response, indeed I am wondering about bringing 6 tires from the United States for the Dodge rather than changing the rims ...
yes indeed I will not drive much with the dodge, the tires mounted on it are from 2007 .

thanks for the link from the guy who sells RV parts in Germany but he has a hydroboost on his RV and I am looking for a vacuum brake booster. I may have found one in California, a friend from Los Angeles will take a look.

I will be sure to ask questions if needed. indeed, I can't put photos on this post .... I have a facebook and messenger page

Have a good day .


Hi stephane,

Yes because the website is moved to a new provider not all functionalities are yet available.

I'm very suprised to hear that you don't have Hydroboost so the question now is this your Minnie Winnie?
1979 Minnie Winnie

Or this one

1978 Minnie Winnie

If it's the first one they did something with the brakes and maybe its possible to make the system original again. you would want that because With hydroboost you will have much better brakes.

You can by the way use the Vin decoder here on the website to identify your Minnie WInnie.

If you really bringing tires from America, please let me know. I also still need 8 of them, maybe you can strike a good deal when you order 14 or 15 tires.

Mine are all dry rotted so need to be replaced.

Unfortunately I don't have facebook, so can't look on it anymore. The way Facebook is presenting itself the last few years I don't want nothing to do with it anynmore.  ;)

with Highest regards,