Bad Trans Fluid?

Started by bigskypc50mt, September 14, 2022, 08:52 PM

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This is my trans fluid from my 727, that the dash says has 37k miles on it. I honestly can't make the judgement if it smells burnt. The service paperwork says it has a trans service in 1989 with 30k miles on it. My wife says it smells like burnt rubber, I think it smells more like fresh cheap engine oil. I don't have any brakes on the rig so I can't tell you if it slips or etc.

It look burnt to you all? How screwed am I?


Simple solution. Since the rig has just been sitting, change the fluid, filter and clean the oil pan. It's an easy procedure.
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You can send in a sample to analyze.

Or just change the fluid and the filter like OZ says and see what happens.
It's an old fluid. Probably just degraded through aging.


Well, several people told met the fluid needs to be red. If it isn't change it.

If the fluid is burned it doesn't have the right viscosity anymore to provide enough lubrication for your gears and you end up with this, which I'm told is something you really don't want to find in you transmission oil. Mine smelt, as your wife said, like burned rubber.

It really isn't a hard job, changing the filter and fluid, you just need to take some precautions.

Changing the transmission fluid on a torqueflite A727

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I am with Mlw, the real issue would be sludge or shaving's in the bottom of you pan...sludge to me by the way is very fine shavings. Tranny's are expensive and a pain to pull, on a GM tranny i purged the entire fluid capacity. The oil was brown with a red hue and it had been burned..Or very well heated, the older tranny fluid would have a burnt bacon smell if it had gotten to hot. The newer dex 3 above who knows what it smells like when burned? newer dex 3 now thats funny. Dont forget the modulator.


Thanks guys for the feedback, I shall get a pan kit and drop the pan. And go from there. I did get it out on the road and got it to shift into 2nd but not until like 35ish miles per hour and it was a pretty firm shift. So not a good sign I guess. The old 413 was screaming.


That's WAY to high, but the firm shift can also be from the high RPM drop.

Change the fluid, with the correct fluid, (Dextron III) Top it off, let the engine run with the transmission in neutral, Not Park for a few minutes.

Check the level and top off again. Then run thru all the gears inclusing second and first.

Check the level again and top off if necessary. Now you can take it for a spin and see what it does. If it then still shifts at 35 miles per hour you definitely have a problem.


I agree with changing the fluid but things may not be so serious. If the transmission was filled with Mopar ATF-4, it will turn brown as it ages. By all means, change the fluid with Dexron III and new filter and adjust the bands.
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