Get Engauged: So you think your oil pressure doesn't fluctuate?

Started by Mlw, September 09, 2022, 12:42 PM

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It's a bit quiet around the build of Betsy, but that really is because inflation has caught up with me, something that everybody is noticing living in Western Society. We still survive but it means there's just not much money left to spend for Betsy, as you will need a buffer for unexpected things as well. Of course prices of parts needed has spiked as well, as did the sending costs.

So there really isn't much to do without parts, so I'm watching a lot of video's how to do things and read the member area and I found this:

Get Engauged: So you think your oil pressure doesn't fluctuate?

Now as I'm allready going to add a transmission and oil temp gauge, a tachometer and a vacuummeter, I really don't want to loose the original tank, temp, oil and amp meter, also because there really isn't anything out there that will fit nicely and also fits the looks of the original gauges.

I've read a lot about the irregularities in the meters allready on the forum and why seems to be perfectly explained in the link.

They tell there is a chip available who can take over the job but then accurately, so the original gauges give the accurate information.

Anybody out there who is familiar with this chip and even has it installed???


Eyez Open

I went down this rabbit hole awhile back, i ended up at the below site. Today i am no longer going that route..i will be using a marine package to supplement a new gauge package...aside for the speedo of course.. Finding a analog to digital interface for these old girls will be limited and expensive and i have encountered enough expensive speed bumps for this yr. The Morryde tag axle is going to exceed 2000...the rubber springs have inflated to insane pricing..One vendor is charging 450 per spring! Im going to wait this out for another 8 months. Ohh and then there is that wiring issue ive been avoiding.

These guys seem to have there head around this conversion..have a look..Ahh a digital/analog clock......

Meanwhile im hanging curtain's...very simplistic very rewarding no special special hard to find to very cheap.


That article with all pics is listed here: Get Engauged: So you think your oil pressure doesn't fluctuate?.  The 7805 chip is simply a solid state voltage regulator however it supplies voltage to fuel gauge, the temperature gauge and the oil gauge so not sure if 1 amp is enough current.
For 69 to 73 (rectangular instrument cluster) the regulator is located inside of the fuel gauge
For 74 and later (3 round clusters) and 79 Class C it is located on the rear of the instrument cluster printed circuit board.

However, you can also replace the instrument regulator with either RTE limiter
One of these off Amazon which is rated at 3 amps.

For 69 - 73 (rectangular instrument cluster) main power ran from alternator through the stock ammeter in the instrument cluster (shunt was inside the ammeter) down to the starter relay. Yes the ammeter can burn out acting like an in line fuse losing power to the rig.
For 74 and later (3 round clusters) and 79 Class C main power ran from alternator down to starter relay.  There is a section (circuit A20A10BK on class A rigs) of that wire that acts as the shunt for the stock ammeter. Loss of this style ammeter does not result in a loss of chassis power to the rig.

Please note I did not see a Dodge Class A or Class C instrument cluster at Dakota Digital (only cars)


Don't know if it's of any consequence but with money tight I found auto meter to be the most accurate gauge out side of Smith & Warner. To buy from Autometer was prohibitive. So I went on the hunt on Craigs list and Kijiji and built my own aux gauge package for a few hundred dollars. This is what I came up with. My regular gauges work. I just wanted more info while I was driving. 


Thank you guys, it is much appreciated.

Exactly the info I needed, Thank you so much, again!  :)

@ LJ-TJ, yes i saw your cluster allready in other posts. It really is cool but the thing is that with my dash this isn't possible. It will be way to high.

Building new meters in place of the old wouldn't be plug and play too because the meters in there build for the dash and the case falls over them.

I could build them in the wood trim, but I actually want to build a 2 dinradio in there.

@Eyes open,

Yes i thought about going digital But as far as I know there aren't any options for the Dodge Class C next to the fact that I have the same problem like you... No money for it.  :-[ :-[ :-[

But I'll found solution  :)ThmbUp.