Onan 4000 Generator to Honda 3000 Change or Keep

Started by LJ-TJ, August 25, 2022, 07:54 AM

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 Hm?The plan is to change out my Onan 4000 to the quiet Honda 3000. Looking for a little guidance. Going to put the Honda in the generator bay of a 1975 21footer Winnebago


Totally understandable that you want it a little quieter.

But these things have their downside too. you will need to get them out of the generator bay everytime you going to use it because the generator bay is too confined and the engine will overhead in the bay. Next to this it is going to suffocate because the exhaust gasses will be blown in the generator bay too. The onan iis bulky because there is a complete fan unit build on there.

Then you get the next thing, these things are not cheap so valuable. Also they are light so easy to take away. It really is something to consider because everytime you put this thing outside you take the risk and my experience is that there are just to many people running around who don't respect your properties anymore.

And this will put the most weight in for me. It is almost S3.000,= how many time do you use the generator now? The generator in my RV is 43 years old and has 32 hours on the clock! the original sparkplug is still on there and I inspected the inside wit a borescope and it looks brand spaking new inside. So I would rather put that money in a good solarsystem and a good converter  and for the few times that I will need the generator for the AC  the Onan will do fine. It's in there anyway.

On the positive note. It is much quieter, user friendly and you won't be send off at service stations when something is up, and you will have more storage space as the generator is smaller.


Second the solar system.

I got two 450w panel on the roof and can run the A/C unit without a generator for 6-8hrs a day without fuel cost.

The whole system was about 3000 and never needs maintenance or oil changes.  Can go off grid boondocks instead of going to parks with hookups. It pays for itself in a few years
A generator always wants more money


 :)ThmbUp All Excellent points. Mlw good point on the fumes. I was considering putting an auxiliary fan in the generator bay to cool the unit or finding a way pipe/ducked the exhaust out of the generator bay. But all good points. 


My '74 D24 had a factory exhaust fan in the genny compartment floor.
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I knew Onans were loud, but now I understand you better. I stll haven't tried to start mine up because i have other fish to fry