M300 Chassis handle a cummins 8.3?

Started by FranZ28, July 24, 2022, 04:58 PM

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Nothing a nice welder and some $$$ can't sort out!  What's the donor for the 8.3? Might be nice just to fab up the donor chassis and drop the body on her.


you are aware that you are replacing a V8 Gas engine which usually weights in at about 600lbs?  W%

it's not only the engine weight. The 8.3 makes a ton of torque - which needs a giant transmission. So you are adding another few hundred points there.

Nothing is impossible with enough time and money. But you are trying to fit a giant engine into a small RV.
If you got the 8.3 for a steal, someone will trade it for a nice built 5.9.


I acquired an 8.3 thinking it was a 5.9 - for an absolute steal 60k miles. Anyway- im wondering if the chassis will handle the 8.3? its 1600 lbs! Cummins 5.9 is 1150 so about 500 lbs heavier..

If the cummins 5.9 can go in pretty much easy dont see why the 8.3 wont be ok - Can weld in extra frame supports if need be and/or add a spring for weight/sag..