Engine Specs 440 1975 Winnebago

Started by LJ-TJ, August 02, 2022, 07:36 AM

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Yes, absolutely agreeying with you. Altough I haven't had the possibility to go on a trip with Betsy yet, I remember this clearly from the old days when we had the old Dodge Bendix Centurion way back in the '80s

we even went on skieing-trips to Bavaria (black woods) Germany with it, normally always cruising at 55.

One trip dad had decided to drive 70 the whole trip. The engine noise rattling and the suction passing trucks really wasn't a nice experience.
The "best" part came when we arrived, Dad parking the car, walking straight to the bunk in the back and sleeping 15 seconds later. So also for your own piece of mind it seems to be better to cruise at 55  ;).

Next day my dad said "I'm never ever going to do this again because we burned $225,= extra in fuel. Even back then prices of fuel were way higher then in the USA.

But as you say the memories made are priceless.


 :)clap Ok lads and lassies. Just back from 14 hr round trip to D-day Ohio. SPECTACULAR. You guys got to check it out. Well worth the time and effort. Took the suggestion and marked the gauges so I could just glance down to make sure everything was in the green. Great idea. So all the bull s@#t aside.  If you don't want to sound like a runaway sewing machine, 50-55 is the sweet spot for a 440. Yep! she'll run along fine at 60-75 but the old girl sounds like she's going to blow up. 50-55 is the SWEET SPOT. Also! Here's the hard cold facts. If you want to run at 60-75 your going to get 4-5 miles to the gallon. As I said the sweet spot is 50-55 and you'll cruse along at a solid 8 miles to the gallon. Yes if you run on a flat highway with a tailwind at midnight. You might get 10 miles to the gallon. Yes you'll here all the stories I get 12 and 18 miles to the gallon. Bull. Oh and if you should go to D-Day Ohio and your go through a little town called Ripley New York. Stop at Meeder's 19 East Main Street Ripley NY. They make incredible home cooked meat loaf and mashed potatoes at a fair price. Well that's about it. Still on an Adrenalin high from the trip.


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Perfect!  :)ThmbUp Great idea. Going to do that. Thanks Mate.


Great list.  :)ThmbUp :)ThmbUp Another idea would be to mark your gauges with a piece of pinstriping tape at the normal values. That way, when you glance at them, you can immediately see if they are "in the green".
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Not sure if anybody cares but open to suggestions and opinions Hm? I was looking for a check list I could glance at while driving. To confirm everything is in the green. No problems a head