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Started by skwerlz, August 15, 2022, 09:21 PM

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Hey all, odd ball question here, but I apparently have an uncommon toilet in my 71 Chieftain.

It's green, and has a push button electric flush pump.

Is anyone familiar with these?

My pump works, but seems to bind if it sits for a day or two.

I'm wondering if there are any replacements available?

I want to keep my Winnie as stock as possible.

Any advice would be stellar.


Anything I can come up with is that you have a leak somewhere. The water flows away and then the pump is pumping air, what you call Binding in.

What you can do after those few days is disconnect the supply line at the pump and see if it start leaking water as soon as you disconnect.

If not, you have your culprit, and then you need to find out where the leak is which can be in the pump itself (bad impeller) as well as the waterhose.


I verified there's water.
I can hear the pump try to turn, but isn't able to.
I'm assuming something is binding in the shaft or at the base of the pump.
I pull it out, manually turn to loosen it up. Works fine while I test, but if I let sit for more than a day it binds again.


well, If I wanted to check a pump, I open it up at the impeller housing if possible. when the impeller is free you can turn it manually.

If you feel any inconsistent resistance turning it the pump is bad and really not solvable anymore. As you experienced it can be that it works for a while again, but yes, they bind up again. I've experienced this many times with bilge-pumps when I worked for a yachting broker.

Can you make a picture of the pump and, if possible, also the brand and type. Then I can see what I can do for you.


Sorry for the delay. Been working on brakes...
I'll try to grab a picture sometime this week and see if I can find a brand marking somewhere.


No worries,

I'm in the same process as you, fixing my RV up, so I understand what you go thru.  ;)