1989 Winnie Chieftan with 454

Started by WillieD, August 23, 2022, 05:14 PM

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When relays have gotten this hot, ditch them!

Things bind when they get hot and not only in places you can visably see. Also check if you have good ground on all the different parts including the relays. Bad ground makes the resistance to high and can be the reason why the relays got to hot.


After I replaced the starter it started up twice just fine.  However before I put the starter on I made sure it matched up perfect with the old starter.  Then it wouldn't even turn over or click at the magnectic solenoid.  However those 2 5 pin relays got a little hot and melted a little plastic around the pins.  I took them apart and inside the relays looked alright and done what bench tests I could do.  then I cleaned the pins on the relay real good and the sockets on the wiring harness.  Put them back on and not hearing the noises I was hearing for a little bit.  Went to try and start it and the solenoid is just clicking so I have to check to make sure I wired it right.  Bad thing is the Motorhome is over an hour away at our old house from the new house.  Liked to get it running again so I can drive it here...lol.

I bought this thing at an auction last year cheap cheap($1700) and drove it home.  Then just started showing it some TLC because it had been sitting in a shop since 2007.  Already put new tires on it replaced Driver side windshield and sealed the roof. 


I've installed the starter from a 2000 Chevy Express Van.

Metric bolts with knurling, did drop right in, was new, small and cheaper


The nose cone on replacement starters rarely will be lined up out of the box. It will require installing a shim/s. The quick way around this. Swap the nose cone off the old starter onto the new/rebuilt one. Done. 
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There are quite a few starter issues these days with the older 454's, question do you by chance have the part number of this new starter? Do you know by chance if your engine is a mark 4 or 5? RV chassis are not like factory trucks.

The issue would be the nose cone and the starter bolts, made short if they are not exactly correct the starter will twist and the starter drive will bind. If your stater bolts are just the least bit loose in the drive..The drive can and will twist..these old engines are becoming lost in time...lol better said the new remanufactured starters are not quite up to spec on these old engine's. Going from SAE standards to metric was not a seamless transition.


When you open the doghouse engine cover inside.
Look to the left at the wall closest to the accelerator.
There should be 2 relays mounted.

I think one of them is the starter.  But i don't know where to get one.


Hey all I am sure someone has had this problem.   The motorhome was starting just fine until it decided not to.  I thought it was the starter because I heard it clicking so replaced it still wont start.  I have come to these 5 pin relays that have been discontinued so wondering what is the recommended after market relay.  Also I have noticed a small humming noise coming from where the accelerator pedal go in at.  I am decent figuring things out but this has got me stumped(first time working on a Motorhome).   Any good fixes out there and also any good advice.  Thank you