1985 Lesharo

Started by Countyline, June 13, 2022, 02:20 PM

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Wow, you didn't find yourself the easiest campervan.

Even here in Europe the information to find about the Traffic/Masters of the  80's and 90's is pretty much non existing. I would know because my "Neighbour" at the hobbygarage has build a caravan on a 1992 Renault Master Chassis. Finding info on it is tremendously difficult and even the Renaultdealers themselves can't give the correct information on it anymore.

As for the automatic part. I NEVER EVER have seen an automatic here in Europe and I have driven a few Traffic/Masters myself. I don't know the Lesharo's but I think it's wise to first determine were the automatic transmission was build, in Europe of America/Canada.

If you need parts for the chassis there are more then enough scrapyards in France that can help you, probably also with parts for your transmission if it was build in France. You only need to be able to speak French because a Frenchman older than 30 speaking another language then French is pretty much non existing.


The LeSharo was notorious for its transmission problems but, the biggest problem is, even if you determine the cause, finding parts is impossible.

To be honest, it would be very helpful for you to join a LeSharo group. Our expertise here is almost completely based on American made RVs.
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Hello! I have a 1985 Winnebago Lesharo here, it has a 2.2L Renault power train with the electronically shifted automatic transmission. At times the trans messes up, the auto trans light will come on and it wont shift past 2nd gear. Then at other times it will get stuck in 3rd gear on decel and wont down shift. I've changed the trans fluid and cleaned the filter recently, and also tried unplugging the kick down switches and shifting it manually when it acts up-doesn't seem to help. I don't have a scan tool that will plug into the diagnostic ports under the hood, so no good way to look for codes or data. I'm also having a very hard time finding anyone with good information on this particular power train. any help or ideas would be appreciated!! Thank you