power steering fluid leak

Started by Adventure, May 12, 2022, 11:30 PM

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I don't see how it's difficult to post attachments.  i??
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Quote from: eXodus on June 23, 2022, 06:15 AM
I would turn the power steering line around to get the panel to fit. Bleeding the systems is not difficult.
Just raise the front the tires of the floor.  Start the engine and let a helper turn the steering slowly side to side - about 10 times  while you watch and refill the reservoir.

it's pretty difficult to upload pictures here.

I've send you a PM with my email - just answer there and I can get you a few pictures.
Turned the steering line around, elevated the front tires on a block of wood, did the turn slow side to side and refill the reservoir but the pump sounds really bad and there's grinding sound and there's bubbles in the reservoir, tried to continue to bleed but no change, any thoughts? Scratch that, needed to turn full lock and tighten a loose fitting, it's purring like a kitten now.


I'm assuming you had a leak and it was sucking air until you tightened that fitting?
1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca