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Cab air vent Actuator question
« on: June 25, 2022, 10:37 PM »
 New to the forum, first post. I recently picked up an '88 Chieftain, p30 chasis, 454 carbureted engine, 22'er. Okay, I've noticed that the vent selector is not working and air only blows from the defrost. There are two vacuum canisters under the hood. One for cruise control and the other for HVAC. There is one hose missing from each and I'm not sure where they come from or go to 🤔. Air blowing from defrost with A/C selected is cold, but it would be very nice if it would blow from the vents, lol. I have two questions: Where should I start? And is it possible to just bypass the vacuum operated actuator and just set it to blow from the vents manually? Thanks in advance for any help.