Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite XL Body Off Chassis

Started by john from OZ, April 09, 2022, 06:48 PM

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john from OZ

The E350 chassis has a rise over the rear axle, so it's not a chassis thickness issue but a height and clearance thing over the axle, also the spring supports would be riveted in this narrow area, maybe plates welded there to keep the chassis integrety at the mounting location, I will still need to look at anything that's chassis mounted, is clear of the axle, Cheers
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First, I love it that Australia is actually regulating the rear overhang.
I know it's a pain for you now - but those long overhangs are causing so much issues on RVs. Frame extensions are braking due to bad welds and drivability with long overhang sucks.  Bottoming out after each parkinglot. Dragging the rear over speed bumps.  Not fun.

A few more things to consider when "lifting" depending on the manufacturer - Holiday Rambler - they probably welded a platform to the frame - On that platform the walls are bolted or welded to.  Watch a few youtube videos about how RVs are built.

- it might be easier - to remove the spring shackles of the frame and weld/rivet them on the frame further back. But I don't know if Ford E350 Frames have the same thickness throughout.  Ford F-Series have the same C-Channel throughout. So you can just grind out the rivets - mount them further back.

Chevy's do not - the frame is tapered above the wheels - So you got 1/2 inch  - 15mm steel frame where the springs attach and and only like 1/4 inch 6-7mm at the end.

john from OZ

Yes I have been thinking about these, tho with only a 14" longer wheelbase it might not be too bad, I only need to extend the wheelbase 14" and all calculations now are in spec, I believe one side is under the cupboard and will move nearer the shower recess, the other side is under the fridge an will move towards the toilet, I may have to fit a cassette style toilet, that would eliminate the black water tank.
The big problem the seller cannot give me access to inspect the HR personally and make a proper evaluation, so I am stuck trying to look at all possibilities and ask lots of questions
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How would you deal with the rear wheel wells? They are quite integral to the interior design and build of any unit. Gas, grey water and black water tank could also cause a major head ache.
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john from OZ

Hi all, I am still looking at purchasing a Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite XL 25WB, I have an issue here in Australia where these motor homes are too long at the rear (overhang), the maximum is calculated as wheelbase + 60%, the HR is too long by about 18" from my calculations.
For me the only option is to replace or lengthen the chassis, this HR sits on a E350 Ford chassis, I can obtain a longer wheelbase chassis but not sure if a "body off" chassis change has been done, any help/suggestions from someone that has done or seen it done would be appreciated.
The chassis change will ease the LHD to RHD conversion as well
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