Hydrovac rebuild kits

Started by Arkansas travco, February 25, 2022, 05:19 PM

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Arkansas travco

Got some new info on availability of hydrovac rebuild kits. Contact Rick Escue at
404-441-8167 for kits. Also BB&K for booster rebuild service. 404-761-3278
They also said service and kits available for hydro boost.


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they did mine and I'm very happy with the service. They even hooked me up with a new Master Cylinder for the disk brake setup for a very fair price. thanks!!
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I appreciate you posting this! I've been trying to find someone to rebuild the unit in my '72 Brave on a Doge M300 chassis. I forwarded pictures and talked to them today and they said it's usually $185 - $295 to rebuild, on the higher end if the core isn't reusable.

Best part is, they're local to Atlanta!

511 85th Cir
Atlanta, GA 30349

I'm going to take mine down to them in the next few weeks. Glad to finally have someone who can do it and that I won't have to mail it!
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