Lambson Auto 73 Brave diesel conversion videos

Started by Oz, August 22, 2020, 06:29 AM

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Watch the complete series on the cunmins diesel swap on youtube!

Here's the start of the engine swap, videos should play one after another from there:

Next one:


Wow, this guy is obviously an awesome mechanic to retrofit a diesel like he did. He didn't mention it but I would assume he had to have his driveshaft custom made unless he was able to position there motor and transmission perfectly to receive the old  driveshaft.

I have been wondering how I would get the motor out of my 70 Premier if I needed to. I have used a hoist like that to pull out a 396 out of the rear of my 1954 Flexible Coach as it was a pusher bus converted to  motorhome. I put a 400 back in. Glad to see the motor can be pulled directly out of the front in an RV. I have seen videos on youtube where people are pulling motors out of RV's from the side cutting a whole in the rig to gain access. Great videos series. Thanks for sharing.           Steve