WiFi on Road or Home at Blazing Speeds

Started by WrigleysBraveWin, November 03, 2017, 11:03 AM

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All we can say is we are “wowed” by the ease, performance and simplicity of our new Internet / WiFi Service ..... 

So in searching for a solution that we could use both at home and in RV we stumbled into 4G Antenna Shop https://www.4gantennashop.com/ and decided since their office was very close to my Home we would investigate ..... After learning about their Service we opted for standard plug into wall unit ..... So we need shore power or generator to run verses their portable hotspot which can run on batteries for X Hours, you can see pic of Unit on our countertop .....

To setup we screwed on the two antennas and plugged into wall and found the service on our iPad WiFi and entered password and we were in business ....

When we move south for the winter we simply unplug and plug in at new location and while in RV simply plug and go, providing we have shore power r generator running .....

Our thinking on selection of standard home receiver or hotspot was we most likely will not be using internet while driving and if we do need for navigation, our iPhones are more than capable of guiding us - IF we really need while driving we will simply start generator and use .....

The speeds we are getting here at home blow away our dsl so we are more than pleased with the unit, thus far ....

And it was super easy to purchase - They also check your local area for service and you can get either Verizon or AT&T and they also have other providers they pull from such as my unit has AT&T and Team Mobil as a backup provider .....

When we like something and get the Quality / Service / Value we tend to boost about it and we are boosting, this 4G Antenna Shop is the “bomb” .....

You can check your own address for service here: https://www.4gantennashop.com/coverage-details

Speeds shown in pics are from 9:30 am when the traffic on the network is moderate .... at late night and early morning we got download speeds of over 50m, it screams!
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What does the service cost?  Thinking about dumping Concast.  I get 120MB but do I need it at $60?
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Quote from: CapnDirk on November 03, 2017, 01:13 PM
What does the service cost?  Thinking about dumping Concast.  I get 120MB but do I need it at $60?

Service is $85 month plus router ..... We had router in ILlinois and now down in Arkansas and all we did was unplug unit and take with ..... while on the road between homes we stopped and tried in RV and it worked very well there too. We like the simplicity and of course the nice speeds.
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We have Comcast WiFi at home  , I use it anywhere on the road that i can find a hot spot . Very easy near big cities, Works in Export 40 mi from Pittsburgh !  Frank P.S. Its also secure !
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Using T Mobile Home internet 5G wifi

It runs very fast speeds. I consistently see over 400Mbps speeds even as high as 500+. It has no contract and $50 per month. And best of all...it goes where you go.

I bought a 300w adapter that plugs into cigarette lighter socket then I plug the WiFi device into it and Bang instant internet while on the road.
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thanks for sharing.

5G or 4G with good Antennas is great when coverage is available. For what ever reason - in the places we camp - we have hardly any signal.
Even in the rural place where I live - the cell phone doesn't pickup much.

That's why we are on Starlink. 
$110 a month (ouch)  for 100-200 mbits.

The good thing about Starlink is - it works anywhere with Sky ;)