Author Topic: Will 72 D18 16" wheels fit on 73 D18 chassis with 17.5 wheels  (Read 47 times)

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Looking at a donor/parts M300. I currently have nice tires/wheels that are 16" single piece on a 72 M300. Will these fit on a 73 M300 chassis that came with 17.5" wheels? thanks much

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Re: Will 72 D18 16" wheels fit on 73 D18 chassis with 17.5 wheels
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2021, 12:35 PM »
Well, if you have the wheels allready, just try and fit.

your only worry is if the inner ring between the lugnuts is big enough (or not to big) so your tyre sits straight. It only should fit snugly and not move around. if you want to be absolutely sure use a caliper to measure the inner ring. If they are the same you're good. Normally smaller rims means smaller tyres so I don't see any problems there in fitting unless the wheels are wider.


Keep in mind: the smaller the tyres, the more revs from the engine you need to turn them around. The more rubber you need to fix that, the spongier the drive gets. As America is a country of (very) long distances every rev more then necessary really can get to your nerves.