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surging at lower RPMs
« on: Yesterday at 01:22 AM »
Hello all, I am new here and this is my first post.
Was hoping for some guidance, I just acquired a 1994 Winnebago Warrior WCD23RC Chevy P30 Chassis 454 TBI with 40K miles. It idles fairly well but at lower RPM it seems to shutter a bit. WOT seems to really go but I don't have much point of reference since this is my first big block and I didn't really know how it should sound or react. its a bit lumpy at lower rpms where the cruise control keeps it on the highway, not sure how else to describe it. Just replaced the cap and rotor, the air filter is clean. plug wires look to be in good shape. will be changing the fuel filter when I get back home in a few days. From what I could tell the vacuum lines all seem to be in good condition still, a lot of what I read suggested replacing them all based on its age. Pulled the intake off and it all seems clean and in running order.

At the risk of making some of you repeat yourself could I ask for some help? I've called around a lot of the local shops in Edmonton don't even want to touch it, the local chev dealer said to call back if im desperate and could "maybe" help though it won't fit on their lift. 15 years ago my VW broke down on my honeymoon and ruined it, not sure if I'll ever live that down so making sure this is reliable before taking it too far. Just took it for a short trip(100KM) a couple weeks ago and it was overall OK but the surging is concerning to me. The previous owner admitted to me that it stalled out on a steep hill not too long ago but started back up and kept going? I have yet to confirm this but could see it going that way if I push it too hard, ive been pretty gentle on it so far.

Where should I start? Im guessing I'll be on my own here because of its age and have to just figure this all out. The cap and rotor kind of looked like crap and was glad I swapped it out, ran better after but didn't fix the surging. Apparently a mechanic maintained this unit but talk is cheap, until I can verify. Can anyone recommend a vacuum replacement kit or am I on my own figuring out what hoses and fittings I need? The dash says its about 195 steady but the dog house feels hot and kind of warms  up a fair bit. is this normal? Any help is appreciated