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References for model build
« on: August 31, 2021, 08:51 AM »
I am a 61 year old model maker, and I wish to build a model of a '70s Winnebago Chieftain. I have collected a great deal of information for the project, but lacking access to a real motorhome, I need help with one thing: I have diagrams of the chassis, and locations of the items underneath the motorhome, but no pictures of exactly what it looks like under there. If somebody has access to the underside of their Winnebago, I would love to see just what it looks like under there. I can copy anything I see, so I really don't have to understand the functions, just the appearance of whatever is visible under there. In the event someone does help, thank you in advance. If I could ask for one more thing, any info/pics can be sent to cmhjets (At..) outlook DOTcom where I will be sure to find them.