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AC-Heater thermostat wiring


1989 Winnebago Elandan Chevy P30 chassis 37ft. This has the 2 rooftop A/C units and 2 heaters. The front A/C unit and rear heater are connected to one thermostat and it is supose to controll both. Then i got this beast the thermostat was missing for this portion. Ive gotten the A/C to work correctly but with the thermostat can not get the heater to come on. I was able to get it to come on by jumping it but it bypasses the thermostat completely. On the thermostat if you select "HEAT" you hear the "click" of the relay in the A/C that is supose to start it up but just wait and nothing happent. It is the correct thermostat and its brand new. Im thinking i have something wired wrong.

I got it. The ground and white were switched at the A/C unit. Works great now.

Awesome! Glad it was that simple.


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