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Looking for 19.5” 5-lug wheels


I’m not sure if this topic belongs in this specific forum category but it deals with Dodge frames so till try it...
I am looking for 6 “Budd” wheels for a 1949 Ford F5 truck size 19.5” with 5-lugs.  It appears that some Winnebago Class A motorhomes where built on the M-500 chassis from the 1960's to the late 1980’s had these type/size wheels.  Any assistance you could provide would be very much appreciated!!
--Bob Lucas.

The latter, M600 series is the chassis which had the 19.5" x 6" with 6 lugs.
M500 had only 5 lugs.

Other than buying new at $$$ prices, RV salvage yards would be the place to look. 

Try Arizona RV Salvage

Hi Bob,   I have 6 - 5 lug  19.5" available I had on my F6 COE, I upgraded to 22.5 located in Phoenix AZ. If interested please feel free to give me a call.      602-317-4713 Jerry


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