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Cracked passenger side exhaust manifold


So when my starter alternator and battery all went at the same time I got a chance to look at my exhaust manifold and I found a crack in it. Also just below the manifold I line in the exhaust pipe I found a valve of sorts in the flange.

First I assume the cracked manifold is responsible for the heat I've had that boils my gas.  Open to comment

Second the valve in the flange has been beat apart from the last owner.  From my understanding it's supposed to close to help heat the engine.  The components that o ce made it work are non existent.  So can I rig a. Small piece. Of pipe or something to bridge it and remove it permanently.

I'm finding that it leaks exhaust and is probably another problem heat area

Could be a good opportunity to change over to headers?

Is that the heat riser?   It blocks off the drivers side exhaust in order to send the exhaust gases up through the intake to the passenger side exhaust.  Until the engine warms up and then it opens.   Not needed unless you are using it in cold climates.

Yes, having that hot exhaust gas flowing up and over your intake manifold will heat up your carb and can possibly even lead to a crack in the manifold. Not good for mileage either.

You can wire it so it's open all the time, your engine just may act a little cold blooded after starting. 

On my previous unit, I cut the valve out, plugged the holes in the flange and welded them, and kept the little spacer b/c it made the connection with the exhaust pipe donut.

Thanks guys I expected as much


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