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c farmer:
I dont post much here but read alot.  I am in need of a oven rack. I dont have the model # but its a Majic Chef.  The rack is 17" wide and 15" deep.  Any idea where to look?  I can get the model # if needed I think.


Check the Buy/Sell an RV menu tab above.  There's a couple stoves for sale, maybe the racks as well. 
There are also a few vintage RV parts for sale specific groups on facebook. Maybe take a look through this one:

Google "Magic Chef RV oven rack".  I found some that way.
Also, try eBay.

c farmer:
I did Google it.  Didnt come up with that size.    I joined the FB group.  Thanks.

Yeah, the size is the rough part.  And the "new" prices are pretty shocking as well.  If you can find the model number of your oven, that may help.  Another possibility is RV salvage yards.  Rather than using it to cook, a lot of people use their ovens for storage.  We used to put our bread items in ours, LOL!

One of the largest RV salvage yards is Arizona RV Salvage.

I have some old Magic Chef ranges.I will take a look tomorrow.


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