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1975 Winnebago 17.5" wheel covers / Hubcaps

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Hello,  I'm looking for brackets and center nuts to use the original hubcaps on my 1975 Winne Brave with 17.5" wheels.  I have 2 of what I believe are the correct brackets and center nuts for the rear but I am missing the brackets and nuts for the front.  I'm sure the nuts are the same but unsure of the bracketry.  Anyone out there with info or the brackets themselves, I would appreciate any help.  Attached is a photo of the hubcaps in question.

Just finding the brackets might be impossible.   But here's someone selling the hubcap set.

And possibly eBay.

Thank you OZ, Was not familiar with that group.  If they were 17.5's Id be all over that.  Think Ill hold out a little and I may find them.  17.5's or 18" diameter is a tough set to find. been checking Ebay for some time.

I think i may have the brackets and maybe one knob.I will look tomorrow.

Hey RangerRick, Did you ever find anything?   I also found out two of my hubcaps are 19" not 18",  So now I'm looking for two more 18" hubcaps.


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