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Elandan windshield and windshield channel....

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claudio and christine:
Iā€™m looking at a few Winnebago Elandans and some need the windshield and the channel/frame is rusted........? Has anyone ever repaired that....? Or should I walk away from that one.....?? Thank you

claudio and christine:
On my 86 37ā€™ Elandan the rust was pretty bad around the bottom of the windshield.....

That can be a pain to fix- If the windshield is glued in place it probably wont survive being removed so you will have to budget that in-  the metal work isn't too bad but you will probably have to cut out some fibreglass and weld stuff together

claudio and christine:
The 37ā€™ Elandan was my old one I sold six years ago...... the rust on that one was really bad.......

The other Elandan is the one in question.... it needs both windshields and the lower part of the frame repaired/replaced....... just trying to get an idea of what the cost is.... so I can get seller to lower his price..... or just walk away from it all together.....
Thank you

claudio and christine:
That RV is sold .......
So the search 🔦 continues......


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