1989 Elandan Roof Replacement

Started by jkjkiefer, October 30, 2020, 04:55 PM

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I have just acquired a 1989 Winnebago Elandan 37ft. with a seriously bad roof. Im looking at removing the entire roof and replacing it with maybe an EPDM roofing material. Obviously after repairing the bad truss and plywood. My problem is that i dont see any seams where the old metal roof meets the fiberglass/plastic sides. It looks like it was tucked in and put on in one piece maybe screwed down before interior was put on. I have no idea but this really needs to get done.


Yeah, that's a complete redo for sure!
When you dismantle it, you'll definitely find out about those seams.
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Ouch! What does the interior roof look like? There are a number of RV re-roofing vids on YT. You mention that yours is metal. I, honestly, don't think that's the case. I do have the metal roof on my 89' Chieftain and you wouldn't be able to pull up sections like that if you had an aluminum sheet roof like I do. Probably best to remove the entire roof in order to re-spar everything. But, that's what winter is for, right?
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cook elandan

I have the same 37' Elandan, and yes it is an aluminum roof from front cap to rear cap. Mine is starting to go bad in the same location where the ladder and roof rails are bolted  along with pin holes in other locations, but just not as yours.  You will find that the roof assy is one piece. When they put it together at the factory the aluminum is sandwiched between the roof and the crown of the side wall.  If you look at the brochure for the coach it shows how walls and the roof is put together.  I am going to cut the aluminum as close as I can to the fiberglass. repair the wood and then install new roof material. Lots of different way to reattach the material that runs the length and reseal, then better that new.  That aluminum roof gets so hot you could fix dinner on it. replacing it with something that will not get as hot when in the sun will help keep the inside cooler.


You might also consider getting rid of those ridiculous "roof rack" rails. They're not strong enough to tie anything to and they almost always leak.
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I have held out somewhat here, but yes, the roof rack is, in most cases  a moot item. Very likely you will never use it, and should you, highly likely you will regret doing so.
The rack stanchion to roof through fasteners are a prime source of roof leaks.
As are your front and rear upper clearance lights.
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Didin't the other rigs of that era have Fiberglass roofs ? I know my 92 does and that is one reason I bought it


Not sure how to put other users names in but...

Yes it is aluminum on the roof. I have a dremel multi max cutter im going to use to cut it off. Dont want to make any sparks or excessive heat.

Jamo - Yes im going to get rid of the roof racks and the storage box. I want to put solar on latter and theres no reason to climb up on the roof anymore unless inspecting.

cook elandan - Ive looked at the supports and in front of the rear A/C unit is the last support. There is almost 5 feet that has NO solid welded support. there if ?1/4"? plywood sandwiching a 5/8" pc of foam insulation. /im going to replace the entire membrane and put at least 3 more supports. Ill post pix if i get to it before the snow flies.

claudio and christine

Yes you have an aluminum roof...... from your pictures it looks like some ones been there..... something must have penetrated the roof so they cut that section out and then put a patch over it.......
how's things on the inside....? You may have to remove overhead cabinets and divider walls... most of them will probably be rotted...... post some pictures of the interior..... specially in that corner.......
The Elandan has a curved joint that connects the roof to the side walls and goes the length of the roof...........

claudio and christine

Hey keep me posted on the roof details please........
I'm probably going to be doing the same thing on an Elandan.....as I'm looking for one now..... looking at a few and some have had a leak or two from the roof...... also just curious on how yours looks.... no two Elandans are identical.....
Thank you


Strangely enough the interior dont LOOK bad.its sagging but thats because there is NO supports for t least 40 inches.I think a heavy person stepped off the ladder and broke any support that the foam and 1/4 plywood was giving. I have pulled the cabinets and temp supported roof with 4x4s and hydraulic jack for now. Im going to take it all down and put at least 2 new steel supports in. Wont be much more difficult. Rather do that than to have it happen again. I have the new roofing EPDM kit and all new vents. Just waiting for good weather and a few days off. Its tarped up right now. Ill post more pix.


Bedroom before i pulled the cabinets and cleared the room.


Getting started today. Will take a few days. I hope the nice weather holds. Ill post more pix as i go.


Looks like good weather and a good start!
:) :)
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A few hours of work. Now lots more. I have 3 days to get it done.


Pretty good amount of water damage there.
1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


First pic is the extra bracing i placed 21.25 inches on center. Second pic is factory...