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Which tank is which? 77 Winnebago 454


Hello all. First post so go easy on me. I have looked and looked and haven’t found the answer I’m looking for. I have a 1977 full size Winnebago. It has a Chevy 454 and a quadrajet carb. We want to fill the main fuel tank but for the life of me I can’t find any info on which is the main and which is the Aux tank. It has a tank on the passenger side and a tank under the rear. Can anyone shine some light on this? They both look about the same size, tho the front tank is more round and the rear tank looks boxy.
Thank you so much!

Hello and welcome!
First, we need to positively identify your RV.  Being that you have a 454, that narrows it down.  "Full size" could be one of a few different lengths.

Start by clicking on this link for 1977 model brochures and determine what model and length you have.

Thank you for the kind welcome. I apologize for not including that info. It is a 27’ itasca.

I kinda thought so by your description. I had a '77 Itasca 27' too but don't remember which was which now.
Do a quick measurement of the tanks.  The smaller is your aux tank.


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