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Looking for Bendix Hydrovac Brake Boosters

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Hey everyone,
I purchased a barn find 1973 Chieftain a month ago, and have learned a lot from the posts on this forum and associated web pages like Dave's 1978 Chieftain site. The engine has been tuned up and runs like a top, so next step is an entire brake system replacement. The master cylinder is seized up (brake pedal is jammed in the upright position). None of the brakes are seized, thank goodness.

I have a new master cylinder ordered up based on the part number, and it also looks like the Hydrovac Brake Boosters are bad. When I went under the rig, I could see a little brake fluid on them, and rust lines running down them where they probably leaked while sitting for the past 27 years. Another member on this forum used A1-Cardone to order theirs with PN 51-8061. I called A1-Cardone to see if I could order, and they no longer manufacture that particular part number. The customer service rep said that they have one that looks like the correct booster and has the correct dimensions, but the system didn't cross reference it. PN 51-8007.

Has anyone else used this PN that she referenced at 51-8007? Any ideas why they'd make a part that has the correct dimensions but isn't cross referenced? Or has anyone else had luck ordering from other vendors?

Thanks for all of your help!


Call Geoff at Alretta.  He's been helping our members with these for 20 years snd has been in the business 35 years.  He knows these brake systems.

Thanks so much, Oz. I will give Geoff a call. Will let you know what he and I come up with.
Looking forward to getting this rig back on the road.


I have bought 2 bendix  boosters with the following number 2512062.
It were the right ones , exept for the bracket.
Brake system is working properly now.
Greetings  Rob

Where did you get them?


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