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Hello One and All,
New owner of a 1983 Winnebago Chieftain. Looking for info on manuals, restoration ideas, and customizing the motorhome. Looking to make a Radical motorhome out of the old beast. Right now working on the brake system. Tom

Hello and welcome!
Would love to hear you plans for a "radical" winnebago.

c farmer:
Welcome  I have a 1982 Cheftain.  Shes a beast.  Also if you become a paying member it unlocks manuals, and alot of them.

I've built radical custom cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. I'm looking to streamline my '83 Chieftain and making it more aerodynamic. Am looking into cutting the rear end off and making it a Kamm back. More to follow.

If you want to make it more areodynamic, you'll have to cut off the front end too, lol!  After the last century, designers gave up on that for the front ends.  Notice they have all been flat, square since.  I think the angled fronts of the 1980s is about as aerodynamic as they were made.


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