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Burned Mystery Wires

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An anyone tell me what this and why is it as it is now?

Where is it located?  Looks like 5 wires all screwed together into one ground..
through the carpet!
I'm no electrical wiz, but that can't be good.

Can you post a photo from a little farther away?

It's just above the fuse box in the driver's compartment. I'm not sure if this happened before or after we started messing with things but I share your sentiment. This cannot be good.

Definitely not a factory ground. I think the worst nightmare a new owner can face is under-dash wiring hacks!

Grounds are a way to discharge excess electricity.  Being that there's FIVE connected at one, small point, my opinion is that there's too much of that excess electrical discharge concentrated there and having the bloody carpet sandwiched between the whole thing is... well, you know.  I would venture to guess the actual ground point doesn't have much bare metal contact as well.

Separate the grounds into at least 2 new points, free of carpet.  Replace the connector ends with new ring connectors. Be sure the contact area cleaned to bare metal as large as the connector ends are in diameter.  You can also use a small washer over the top of the connectors to help keep the wires from wanting to turn when you tighten the screw.

As already mentioned , it's a ground connection , not a very good one and it could be loose


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