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Replaced in tank fuel pump and still not working

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Hey all!
If any one could help it would be great!
We’re actively traveling and constantly experiencing fuel delivery issues!
Our rig keeps shutting down when giving it a lot of gas or in town driving after getting off the highway in the middle of the road sometimes! N:(
OH and to get it started I HAVE to pour gas into the carb and close the choke manually or else it just cranks and cranks and cranks AND cranks.
I have all brand new pumps mechanical/electrical.
All brand new filters In carburetor and my in line fuel filter.
I have no gas leaks anywhere!
My electric fuel pump has to be the culprit here.
Fuel pump relay? Where could this even be? Hm?
Fuel pump fuse? Where could this even be? Hm?
Oil pressure sensor? I found this guy! :)clap
Where do I start?? ???

Start at whatever is in-line in the fuel line path, be it a filter or pump, closest to your fuel tank and disconnect the line and momentarily have someone else crank the vehicle.

If fuel comes out, move to the next thing in line.
If not, it's either the in tank pump or power to it.

Caveat... that's IF you can get to the in tank pump.  You may have to disconnect the line just before your next item to check.


Will do... currently I have a board over the hole I cut in the floor to gain access to the fuel pump as I just replaced it the other day.

Fuel pump relay is near the driver but under the floor or in front of the firewall.  It runs the pump while cranking the engine, but shuts the pump off if there's no oil pressure. It's kind of a tough part to find.   If you open yours up you may find a wire trace burned out, in that case you can repair it by retracing the trace with solder or soldering in a jumper wire. 

There is a way to jumper two of the wires together in the connector to bypass the fp relay and make the pump run.  For trouble shooting, or emergencies on the road.  Not recommended for regular use though b/c if you get in an accident the pump will keep on pumping gas and there's a fire risk.

If it does turn out to be the FP relay and you can't find a replacement, you can also replace it with a regular relay and wire it to run the pump while the ignition switch is on and the oil switch is closed, but you'll have to add a momentary switch on your dash to power the pump while you crank.

Okay I found the relay and I got it to click with my jumper doing a bench test.
I never hear a click when it’s installed though.
I also bought a new one that looked identical and had the same number 85,86,87,87a and 30.
Will it only click once the engine is running based off what your saying?
My in tank fuel pump DOES NOT turn on by simply turning the key to the on position I need to fully turn the engine over?

Can you explain the jumper part for me. I’m in a emergency. I need to get 8 hours away from here where I can settle down and fix this thing.

If you could actually explain or provide information on both methods that would be GREAT!


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