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I'm a new owner not my Winnebago. I just purchased a 1988 Chieftain 33. Got some issues but nothing major. One thing I do wonder about is the 454 engine. Runs good at 55 but anything over that and it sounds like it's working VERY hard. Anybody have any ideas?

Assuming your concern is the 'sound/roar' of your engine :
If you have a tachometer did it rise unnaturally during acceleration?
Did your temperature gauge rise exponentially during high acceleration?
If no for the tach and yes for the engine water temps it may be your clutched fan engaging.
 It will during high temperature and is often alluded to as a 'jet engine'.
It does indeed - roar.

Hello and welcome.  Yep, the engines roar in the oldies.

Hello, I am a new member and still getting used to this web site.
please fill me in on the rules and where to see them ok?

Hello and welcome!

For info about CWVRV membership, look on the very first message board, 'Imortant information about CWVRV memvership"


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