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Parking brake does not hold

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first of all a great big thanks for whoever posted the link to the johndeere chassis manual.

The wife and I recently purchased a 1989 Winnebago Super Chief on the John Deere chassis with the ford 460 and C6.  The parking brake is not holding the rv on any sort of incline.  after crawling under the beast I have determined that the hydraulic part of the system is working properly, there is room for adjustment on the cable ends between the hydraulic actuator and the brake drum, but I am having a real problem removing the pins at the ends of the cable. They are seized in the yokes after years of no service.  Any help with removing them without destroying the pins or yokes would be helpful. they are currently soaking in PB blaster after heating the yokes and pins.

found out the hard way not to wedge something in to keep the hydraulic shaft from returning thus keeping slack on the cable.  This caused a failure in the seal around the shaft.  can anyone tell me the part number for what the John Deere chassis manual is calling the "parking brake chamber"?? 

Just a quick note, after a bit of searching several manufacturers make a clevis pin press to remove sticky pins.  going to make my own using a C clamp.

Sounds like you had a bit of a self- education session along the way!

I'm going to refer you to call Geoff at Alretta.  He's a vintage brake specialist with over 35 years experience.
If anyone can get you that part number, he can.

Thanks OZ
hopefully it won't be too expensive an education.


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