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1984 Chieftain Winnebago help!


Hi everyone! I'm a newbie tonthe RV life but my husband and I we gifted with a 1984 chieftain Winnebago and we have absolutely no idea how to get the plumbing and electrical diagrams or how to use it for that matter! We could really use some help with this old girl. Nothing leaks and it's in great ahape but we just don't know how to use her yet! Air conditioner isnt blowing air, needs new ignition key spot and some other cosmetic love. Any idea where I can find diagrams or brochures for it? Anything would be helpful! We are planning to move from California to north Idaho next year but need to make sure she is running proper before we go! Thank you soooo much!
-Heather amd Harl Stanford

Hello and welcome!

Sounds like a big move and I'm sure you want to be as ready as you can.

We can help you along the way!

First, I would highly suggest to get a Full member upgrade.  It's only 5 bucks and gives you access to the members area where we have over 200 manuals, diagrams, and other tech info for your P30 chassis and all yout appliances, furnace, water heater, air conditioner and a lot more.

Right at the top of the list of manuals and diagrams is the P30 series.

I would love too! How do I sign up! We really need some help! Thank you.

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