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6.5nh-3cr/16020p the replacement for BGE Emerald I Plus 4.0

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I am not only working on modernizing, fixing, remodeling the RV but it WILL have a running genset. :un-named rv: lol has a 4.0 Emerald I Plus right now. Untested. PO was genuine that it worked and I can get it to run as long as mechanics arent broken.

I impulse bought a 6500w set. It had two miss matched plugs and broken fuse holders for ignition. Rest looked good. The PO of the RV scrapped it and the yard posted it. Figured I had surgery around 1pm and it was only 6am; so why not have something else to take on?

Anyone have this set or knows the correct spark plugs for it? Also correct gap? My last task when these two are running,is to swap them out. Or I will sell one or both of them to buy something new.

I'm ordering fuse holders tomorrow. Would you object if I used maxi car fuses clipped into the spades for the ignition fuses just for testing purposes?

Well it seems this 6.5 does not have spark. It will crank but wont fire up. It will be worked on soon.

You can get the specs on most of the old RV generators in the member area.
Five bucks to upgrade for a year.
And way over a hundred other manuals which will save you hours and hours of hit and miss troubleshooting otger things like, stove, fridge, air, furnace, water heaters, and more.

Eyez Open:
A few things you might do before installation.

1.The collar next to the starting/control housing unsnap it there is a snap on the bottom, the endplate next..unscrew it. Take notice of the brushes and white wires....inspect each wire for heat damage and dry rot....Once done there very gently pull each wire/brush out to assure the brushes float...Last but not least get yourself say maybe 5 cans of CRC cleaner and thoroughly wash rinse the entire armature will also notice there are aluminum clips keep in mind they are quite make no mistakes

Next to the carb on the right bottom, there are small green points cover...pull it off the points are underneath and inspect...maybe a filing would be in order. Original Onan point is hidden to find...But your John Deer has them under a John Deer part number.

As to the coil, there are two condensers one is obvious the other not so much, it is located on the inside of the engine complex...make sure they are good. I had to replace them both before I could get a spark.

A note to the carb, there is a high-speed mixture screw one can adjust for smooth high idle. If it starts and wanders...or if it starts and stops...Take a screwdriver and turn it in all the way, count the turns in this is very important. What you would be doing is crushing any foreign body in the idle circuit, primitive yes effective yes.

Have fun that Genset is primitive and very robust...I have one running now that sat for 15 that it is up and running the word priceless comes to mind.

Thanks for the reply Eh. good info! I will have to look at it when I get to storage to identify and hire backup parts to take along on trips.

I have a good running 4k onan. I will have to check that to see if I can swap anything over to kick the 6.5k over.

Points and condenser... You are saying there are two on the onan?


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