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1973 Indian axle swap - going modern

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Chris73 'Willie':
Greetings Everyone!  Looking for guidance as I begin hot-rodding the 1973 Winnebago Indian my wife grew up camping boys have named him 'Willie' and he is not keen on stopping at the moment.
I want to lose the split rims and upgrade the braking capability all around - drums on all corners at the moment (everything is original - including the tires  ???).
Anyone done an axle swap and if so what did they go with?  I would like to go fairly modern (within past decade or so).  Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Unless you go to four wheel drive I seriously doubt you are going to find a straight front axle from the last several decades let alone the last decade. The rear is no problem but the front with the solid axle bolted to the leaf springs will be your issue. Back when I had a shop I did a couple of 4x4 conversions on these but don't ask me for specifics, it was 40 years ago. The driveline was complete from a Dodge 3/4 ton pickup I know that. They drove and worked very well, I think they drove better than the factory setup. They certainly did not wallow as much.

The desire to axle swap has come up many, many times... for obvious reasons.  People have tried this and tried that, but none have been successful, with the exception of what Rick said... 4x4 conversion.  We have two members who've done that.  One is the "Blue Whale" built for cruising the beach dunes of the northeast.

Nothing old has been found to work as a swap, which would be the most likely thing to work.
"Modern"... last 10 years or so?  Even less likely. 

Unfortunately, this is one thing which has yet to be accomplished due to lack of any compatible vehicle to use.

Chris73 'Willie':
Thanks for the input gentlemen, looks like doing a 4x4 conversion is the sensible way to go in the long run.  I will expand my research to gain an understanding of what's been done by others & see what turns up.

We live in WI and having Willie be more surefooted when the white-stuff starts falling appeals to me. 

If you decide to go that route then the best way to do it is to use the entire driveline from a donor truck, you probably will not find much out there anymore that will bolt to the 413 as far as transmission in a 4x4 configuration. Getting the entire setup from a donor guarantees it will all work together.


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