Kwikee Step fuse location(s)

Started by Rinkydink, March 31, 2023, 04:07 PM

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1999 Brave/Chevy chassis.

Anyone know where the fuses are for these steps? I did some trouble shooting per MFG including purchasing the harness pigtail from both sides of the harness... it appears I don't have power coming from the vehicle side. Looked at my main fuse box but nothing is labeled. Is it inline someplace or is it one of a million fuses to check?


This is going to require you to perform a bunch of drawing research however on this model your looking for the pushbutton circuit breaker panel.

WCF31B Wiring Diagrams

Step connection is shown on pdf page 2 of Body, 12 Volt Wiring Diagram by the cutoff relay
Pushbutton CB panel is shown on pdf page 6 of Front End Wiring Install diagram

Like I said, this going to take you some research to follow all the leads and locate the CB panel

Please be aware that this RV was installed on a Ford or Chevy chassis.  These drawings support both installations so make sure on the portion that applies to yours.

Parts Drawing


Operators Manual




"It's always the last place you look"
Never found a fuse after an hour search. Finally unwrapped the harness at the four prong connector and there it was, the red wire connection had corroded and was completely disconnected... w/o a fuse by the way.

Cleaned it up, installed a inline fuse and good to go! wire.jpg 


Not that i want to scare you mate, but are you really saying this wire was connected directly to the battery without a fuse???

If so, you better investigate your COMPLETE electrical system chassis and coach if there are no connections like that left if you don't want you rig burning down as the least worse option. Let's just hope you will not become another member of the previous wiring wizards club here on CWVR  ;)  ;)  ;)

I can tell you what can happen and be as lucky that you are there,

LJ-TJ can tell you what happens when you are not there as the cabin of his rig completely burned down also thanks to the previous owner...

As these post were posted when we were at another provider all pictures are gone unfortunately, but i think the words say enough.