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Replacing the OEM fuel gauge?

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Today I did my 30 minute monthly exercise of my generator. It ran fine under AC load. I had put $50 worth of gas in the tank six weeks ago but my gas gauge is on empty now. I know I have at least 1/4 tank because the gennie ran fine. So, it seems I need to replace the gauge. Has anyone done this before (I'm looking at you, Rick!)?

The  gauges themselves very rarely ever go bad. The sending units do go bad more often and the wiring to the sending units and the grounds from the sending units especially go bad. I have not done mine. I have done probably a hundred on various vehicles over the years and they vary from ten minute easy to ten day hard. Yours is going to be on the bad end of that scale unfortunately. You have two options, drop the tank or cut a hole in the floor. Personally I would drop the tank for the main reason that you have 40 plus year old hoses and lines up there that all need attention. With the tank down you can do it all at that time. Getting the tank out is not an easy job since the fill hose and fill vent are wedged between the frame and the body and then they go through the rear cabinet. You cannot get to the clamp to get the hoses off right at the tank so the first section of hose has to come out with the tank. This is something I can explain how I did it on mine but it is best done on the phone since it is rather involved and I simply cannot type it all out here.

Do you have the manual for it?  If not,
Go to the member area and check.  Not sure if that will cover it, but worth a try.


I was really hoping you were going to give me some better news. Oh, well. If that's the case, I just don't have the space to drop the tank right now. Question: An I okay running if I know I have gas in the tank? I mean, the sending unit is just that, it doesn't have anything to do with actually sending fuel as that would be the fuel pump. The gauge does work. After I put $50 in it moved up to about 1/4. Am I safe with filling the 60 gallon tank and just assuming I'm getting less than 10 MPG? (I always keep a 5 gallon can onboard just to be safe).

Definitely always assume you're getting less than 10mpg!  10 is very, very rare unless you tavel all highway on flat land.
Be safe, assume you're getting 7mpg.


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