Petite Marine Easy-Poxy paint for shower pan

Started by Elandan2, December 07, 2008, 11:57 PM

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Sent: 11/21/2005 8:15 PM

I just wanted to add this product review to the line-up.  After I couldn't find a new shower pan for our rig that fit, and since I ended up re-fiberglassing the whole pan, I had to paint it!  After searching all the Home Depots and Lowes, etc., for a paint that would endure constant water, dirty sandy feet, etc., I decided to check out the local marina and ask the boat guys what THEY use for decks!

They turned me on to Easy-Poxy deck paint, made by Petite Marine.  Don't let the French name fool you!  This is one tough paint! 

I chose bright white, to match the bathroom walls. 

It went on VERY smoothly!  It isn't a two-part epoxy paint, thus the Easy-Poxy name.  This paint, which I applied with a brush, went on with such a good and smooth flow, that you can't even see any brush marks! 

I used four coats.  I allowed 24 hours between coats.

Negatives?  Price.  But you get what you pay for, so I wouldn't call this a negative.  It was 25 bucks for a quart, and after 4 coats, I still have quite a bit left in the can.

Positives?  Flows smooth with no brush stokes.  Dries to a VERY hard finish, very much like a fiberglass gel coat.  Unlike gel coat, it dries to a VERY high gloss!  There were no drips, even laying it on heavy! 

Long term results?  Several months later, and hundreds of showers later, the shower pan still looks great!  No cracks, no chips, and no dulling of the high gloss shine!  There is no scum build-up at all washes clean away with very little effort.  Now remember, often I have to go into the bathroom with shoes on, shoes with dirt and sand imbedded in the scratches!  This paint is made for boat decks, with saltwater and sun exposure, and high traffic walking with shoes! 

Conclusion?  I think this is the best paint possible for shower pans, and well worth the money.  It is holding up very well!  And if you think it will only stick to the new fiberglass I layed, think again!  I only reglassed the lower floor section of the pan, and the sides were still that acrylic whateveritsmadeof.  I lightly sanded it, and the paint stuck with no primer at all. 

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Sent: 11/22/2005 10:44 AM

Great idea Kevin!  I had researched boat deck and hull paints exhaustively last year and never even though of this.

The paint is designed specifically for brush applicaton and takes a long time to cure, but this is so the brush strokes will smooth out and for the paint to dry to a gel-coat type hardness.  It is highly durable since it is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and extrememe weathering.
Price.  But, since you'll only need less than one quart, it's not a big chunk of change by any stretch of the imagination!  And you will get more mileage out of it than you will those $100 + 17.5" tires!

Way to go, Kevin!  A great cure for a very common ailment.

- Sob

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