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Generac Impact NP36 runs a long time then chokes out

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Ok I have this Generac Impact NP 36 Variable Speed Mobile Generator in my 89 Winnebago Warrior that is sticking it to me.  I get it running and think its good to go then when I use it it starts messing up again.

First this is what its doing.  It will run like normal.  I let it warm up then switch the AC on.  AC blows cold and all is good.  It will do this for hours.  Then it will start to choke or cut out.  It like idles down then revs up and keeps repeating this until I shut it down.

What I have done to it so far is all the obvious stuff.  I changed the oil.  Changed the oil filter.  Changed the fuel filter.  Changed the spark plug.  Changed the air filter.  After all this its still not fixing the problem.  Well I test it and it runs for several hours.  I think ok its good then I take it out to use it and several hours in it messes up.  This time I was running it for about 3 hours a day.  Third day it messed up again. 

Does anyone have any ideas of what this might be?  Maybe what I should try to look at next?


Might be the control board.  Or even points if it has them.


I have never heard of that setup but running for a long time and then acting like running out of gas could be a coil going bad since you have already checked the fuel related items.

I just Googled that set and I came up with a much newer computer controlled set. I suggest you get the manual and go through it. The one I see is 3600 watts which is a bit small to be running AC and an RV.

I have experienced a similar problem due to overheating from lack of air circulation A small electric fan mounted in the compartment blowing on the engine cured it Frank  :)ThmbUp


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