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Has anyone swapped out the 318 for a diesel motor in the D19.  Trying to figure out if there are any diesel motors that would fit #1 and then also what rear end upgrade would be appropriate. 

Or has anyone put an LS motor in? And did it fit without modifications to the cab/engine surround? Same question for the rear end upgrade. 

I'm finding that the space limitation is really narrowing down my options on motors that will work.  Any guidance is appreciated!!!

Somewhere on hear a chap did the swap and did a great job posting his swap. Maybe Dave or Rick will no the link. If my memory serves me correct  I don't think the conversion and money involved made it feasible.  Hm?

Considering what you have to work with (basically a clean slate) you could do anything you wanted with a torch, hammers and a welder. But a Cummins 12 valve diesel with the 46RE overdrive transmission would be a very good option. You would have to fabricate your own motor mounts and transmission crossmember  and have a driveshaft made. BUT, If you found a 1997 or earlier Dodge 2500 or 3500 pickup with the diesel in it in a junkyard then you would have everything you needed. You could also go with a 24 valve diesel but they are computer controlled so you would need the electronics to go with it. You could put an LS in it, it has been done. There are videos of a turbo LS power old Winnie running around but it is far from practical. And HUGE money!!!!! The diesel would be a much more practical option. As far as the rear the one that is in there would work fine but you might need to go with higher gearing if you go with a diesel.

There is a guy who put a cummins diesel in his '73 D20 and documented it on youtube and instagram. His channel is called "Lambson Auto" and here is a link  He's done a top quality job- quite impressive.

I can't even imagine living in a place that is so secure that the garage has no walls and all his tools are right there. Around here that stuff would be gone in the middle of the day while I was working and had my back turned!!!

So there you go guys, that should answer all your questions about the conversion.


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