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Power Steering Fluid Question.

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Hey guys!  On our new coach, the power steering fluid is low, and I need to top it off.  It has the Cummings diesel with a 6 speed Allison transmission. 

Anyhow, the manuals that came with the coach say it takes Dextron 2 for the power steering (which also runs the power brakes).  Do they even make Dextron 2 anymore, or will the latest rendition of Dextron, which I believe is Dextron IV, work?  Is it backwards compatible like Dex 4 is for Dex 3?

I'll have a lot of questions about this coach, and lots of info to share...and this is the first one. 

Thanks ahead of time guys! 


I would say you could get away with it for the trip home but once you get there a complete change to the Dexron V would be in order. Look online first and see what Dexron is available first though since it isn't always a good idea to mix oils if you can at all avoid it. With transmission fluids it is all about the friction modifiers in the oils which does not really affect the hydraulic pumps all that much but not knowing what is in the formulas and the mixing them is always iffy.

I believe the Dextron fluids are all backward compatible.   Meaning Dextron 4 meets or exceeds the specs for 3, which meets or exceeds the specs for 2, etc.

Thanks guys!  That is what I am finding online.  Except Dexron VI (Six)...which supposedly will have a warning on the label to NOT use it for power steering.  I'll have to take a look at the box of six quarts I bought recently to change the transmission fluid in the Holiday Rambler to make sure it doesn't say VI.  If it does, I'll have to go buy something that will be compatible. 


Hi Kev, If you find you have purchased Dexron (6) You can sell it to the guy fixing the old R/V Trans !  Untill you can inspect the Liquid propane line closely i would not travel with it open  Frank


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